not like crazy

Life is what you make it. How often do we hear that and keep on making excuses for our behavior? I am definitely not the one to judge anyone for how they live their life because we all fall short. What I do want to touch on is behaviors and patterns that are destroying us instead of bettering us. It is borderline psychotic to not want to do something different for the sake of finding out our strengths that were there all along.

I have a knack for being a good listener. I love to analyze things on the outside looking in. While doing so I can not help but to be surprised at the lack of confidence that people have when faced with adversity. I personally love adversity because it points out the fact that I am alive. I don’t like rainstorms back to back but I will deal with them as they come. I wish that I could erase the pain away for some of the people that I know. I believe in my friends. I believe that they can do whatever it is that they desire. Sometimes, I don’t feel like my friends believe that for themselves.


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