Sometimes a familiar face makes all the difference in the world

  It was very hard for me to share with anyone that I was extremely lonely a few months back. I felt like there was no way I could be consumed with such heavy feelings being as though I always had someone around. That is the irony in it all. It doesn’t matter if you are surrounded by people because loneliness has no boundaries.

While in my state of loneliness I realized that the family that I thought I was close to did not know the ‘adult’ me at all. I didn’t feel supported nor did I receive a monthly phone call or email. No one knows except the people who I had to choose as my family, what I go through in my daily life.

I wish that I could tell them how disappointed I am at the lack of support. I feel like because I am different and am not limited to a conventional 9-to-5 or government job that I am not favored in their eyes.  I don’t understand how I have not received a visit from anyone, not even for a day. It is not like I live in Zimbabwe or Beirut. I will not get it and I probably never will. I don’t feel like I am asking for much. Thank God for my friends that have come to visit me and see how I now live.

When I moved I left behind a life that I will never go back to. I am much stronger now than I have ever been. It took months of feeling alone and uncertain of my future.  As I look back I am thankful that I finally know the truth. That truth is that just because you are born into a large family does not mean that you will have their unconditional love, devotion, and support.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes a familiar face makes all the difference in the world

  1. I know this feeling all to well!!! It’s great to express them. Get it in the open and off your chest and move on honey. Those things and people who are not for you are removed from you and that includes family. When we decide to move and live a better and happier life people can’t always understand that because it’s beyond where they are in life. Don’t let their actions or lack there of consume your feelings or thoughts. Do what you need to do for you and everything else will fall into place! See you at work!! …actually we need to hang out! Xo

  2. Hey Kee!! Thank you for commenting. I am glad that you understand. I am finding that it happens to most individuals that branch out and create their own life. Moving away from the familiar is not an easy task. You are absolutely right about us needing to hang out. Bmore needs to stick together more. 😉

  3. Hey girlie, you still have a friend in me. Congrats on stepping out on faith and following your true hearts desire. Time heals all wounds and this too shall pass. You have to invite me up oneday!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Nakiya! Thanks you. I appreciate that. Funny, I have known you for over 20 years. 😉 Time does heal all wounds. I am not bitter or resentful. Writing helps me get my feeling and thoughts off my chest. You can come up for my birthday in November if your schedule permits.

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