It is amazing how I keep getting asked about my blog….or lack thereof.  Trust, I am extremely honored for all that keep up with me and encourage me to ‘just write’. I have a hard time balancing my need for privacy and my need to open up to others. I do realize that the only way to truly live is to give of yourself.

 I don’t know where to begin. Life has been unpredictable as usual but in a good way. I trust God fully and I know that through him all things are possible. I am extremely grateful for the little things that go disregarded most of the time. Seasons change and I am changing with the seasons.

For the record, I’m in charge of my life and thoughts. I am so tired of people meddling in my affairs. Your opinion and insight are unwarranted at this point. I’m flattered that you think so much of me to keep trying to impose your will upon me. Your relentlessness is borderline obsession. UNHEALTHY. I truly hope that you find someone who can love you on your level. I know that I am not that person.


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