Write On!

The following words below are from a childhood friend that I have not seen since the mid-nineties. We stumbled across each other on the infamous Facebook and I salute her for sharing her thoughts with me. She not only made my day but my whole entire week! Thanks so much Candace.

P.S. I’m going to continue writing and can’t wait to read your “Random Thoughts” once published.

❤ ali mo

Ali I know that we have not seen each other in years however despite our closeness in friendship I wanted to let you know that I am truly proud of you!!
We don’t always see the struggles in a person’s life especially when we are on the outside looking in but you seem to be a force to be reckoned with, setting your goals and accomplishing them.
There is a struggle behind every hard working woman. So keep it up with the working like CRAZY!!!
I just love your “my life as a butterfly” to me it is an inspiration. I never thought I had it in me to write but about a year ago I started keeping a journal writing about any and everything that came to my mind mostly just to vent on paper 🙂
Ali because of your Inspirational wording and vibe I have set a goal to have my book of “Random Thought’s” published. Its funny how you can touch someone’s life without even knowing and who says that you’re ideal has to be a celebrity flashing on the TV screen, you are a SUPER STAR! in the making, it shows in your smile and in the words that your write…

Thanks Ali for your influence, insight and motivation!!!!! 😉


think BIG

Sometimes I get sidetracked and down on myself because I’m not doing what I ❤ FULL TIME. I'm getting older and I have a habit of wanting things when I want them. Realistically, it doesn't work out like that. Anything that is worth having has to be sought after with persistence, dedication, and patience.

I remember the first time I moved to New York in 2003. I wasn't even twenty-one. I knew that I wanted to live there and I busted my ass working two jobs to save up enough money to move there. It was then that I realized that I wanted to pursue my dream as a Makeup Artist and go to school for Aesthetics. I didn't have any professional experience but I had drive and creativity.

After a year stint in NYC I moved back home and started interviewing with several makeup lines and was hired without any formal experience. It was a dream come true. I was a natural at it and I loved working with other artists. I worked on perfecting my craft and formed life long bonds with my fellow MUA's.

To date I've worked with almost every reputable makeup line, had my work published, went to school for Aesthetics, built my clientele, and the list goes on. I'm saying all this to say that whatever we dream we can have. If I want to work FULL TIME in my field and own a successful business IT WILL HAPPEN. I don't have time to play around. My time is valuable and I'm focused. My thinking is BIG and my dreams are even BIGGER.

❤ ali mo


The past three days have been rainy in New York. Friday was the first day that I woke up to rain outside my window at my new place. Immediately I felt a sense of renewal and peace. In spite of it being dark and rainy it was beautiful. First thing I did was blog and write in my journal.

The rain was putting me in a deeply nostalgic frame of mind. I automatically started thinking about my childhood and things that were symbolic to me when it rained. I remember being in the house reading, writing, drawing, talking on the phone, sipping tea or hot chocolate, mom’s homecooked meals, and total contentment.

I felt that way again this past weekend. Instead of reading and writing at home. It was off to work, catching up on emails, event planning, and clienteling. Amazingly, the rain didn’t keep people indoors. It was if it was 80 degrees and sunny out. This weekend was very positive and progressive. I’m happy it rained. It makes me appreciate the sun even more when it reappears. So here I sit looking out my window all alone with my thoughts and with peace all around me.

❤ ali mo

I Still Love You

It is said that people come into your life for a Reason, Season, or a Lifetime. I have always been one to cherish my relationships and to hang on to them even if they were toxic or ran their course. To me loyalty is not something to be questioned nor compromised. When both are then there is a problem at hand.

For any of my relationships past or present I value them all for one thing. In every last one I have or will learn something about myself. I don’t have time to walk around bearing grudges, slandering peoples names, or being disrespectful and rude. If I choose to go down that road the only person that I’m hurting is myself.

As a person of love and integrity I pride myself in having the ability to forgive and move on. I need all of my energy for things that are going to continue leading me down the path of success and eternal happiness. I still love every single person that I have met who may no longer be in my personal life or professional life. Like my girl Jill Scott sings “Let it Be”.

❤ ali mo

Family Ties

 I know that at times us humans tend to take a lot of things for granted. There is one thing that I could never ever take for granted if I tried and that would be my loving family. I have been blessed to have been born into a huge and loving family. We are all close regardless of age and gender differences.

 I love the fact that we always come together and it does not have to be for a holiday. There is nothing in the world that compares to having a meal with your favorite people in the world. My friends would tell me how they wish that their family was as close mine. I can not fathom not having such a support system. Life would be a very harsh and lonely place.

I dedicate this blog to my grandfather James Pollitt Sr. and my grandmother Glady’s Paschall. Thanks for having 9 healthy children that bore healthy children  that also bore healthy children. I hope that you get my drift. I love you all.