I am still here

I feel like I haven’t been on a computer all month. I literally haven’t because I have been busy taking care of personal things and my laptop disowned me. I moved into a new place this month and it isĀ uber cute. I absolutely live for decorating and making my place a Sanctuary. I can’t wait until I finish everything that I want to do with it. I thought about painting but I am going to hold off. I want to see what I can do without painting.


that I would Be Good..

I remember being in my early twenties wondering about my future. It was one fall day that my friend turned me on to a beautifully written song. It is by Alanis Morissette and is called That I Would Be Good. This song would move me to “Be Still” and to realize that I would be okay no matter what was going on in my life. The words are dope and Miss Morissette’s vocals are on point.