Bad Habits

I woke up around four o’clock this morning and the only thing on my mind is a warmer blanket, some hot tea, and Maxwell’s song “Bad Habit’s.”  I absolutely LOVE this song. It makes me feel some kind of way. I started thinking about Bad Habits and how we all as human beings have them. No one is immune from them. I think that one persons resolve can overcome any Bad Habit.

This brings me to the discussion of one of my Bad Habits. One that I have just recently overcome and one that I will probably always have to work on throughout life. I have struggled with this habit throughout my twenties.  I am definitely NOT going into detail about it. Some things are sacred to me and unless you are in the Circle of Trust you will never be privy to it. Anyway, I refuse to start off another birthday, another year, or another day doing something that ultimately is not good for me.

I feel that we as mortal humans are constantly growing or at least need to constantly seek self-growth. When we know that we have a problem or flaws in our character or way of thinking; we need to figure out how to get to the root of the problem. Honestly, there aren’t any excuses. There is no putting it off until tomorrow or the opportune time. Realistically, the ability to fight the habit or addiction is going to be harder the longer you put it off.

Today, I challenge you to try and break your Bad Habit. I don’t care if it is a person, a shopping habit, an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking,  sex, drugs, poor money management, etc. You can do whatever you put your mind to. If you need a little help ask your God for it in prayer. Make sure to let your support system in on what you are trying to do as well. You will need all of the help you can get.

Good Luck. Here is a little eye candy. This is the genius that inspired my blog. Thank you Maxwell for creating music that I wake up to in my mind at the butt crack of dawn. I love you for that.

bad habits


life without meat

MeatsNotGreen2Today I made the decision to give up all types of meat and become a vegetarian. I successfully finished my third fast of the year this weekend. For some reason the third cleanse was difficult to finish. Not to mention that I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time. With that being the case I decided to end it four days earlier. I definitely can’t walk around all day in baggy sweatpants trying to camouflage my weight loss. Besides the fact that I lost more weight than what was desired I do feel great. My skin looks amazing and my mental clarity is sharper than ever before.

can i breathe?

Vintage DiorThis month has been very trying on a Butterfly’s soul. Anything that could happen really did happen. Throughout it all I have managed to keep a smile on my face. Lord knows that is has been hard. I can’t give up now because that would mean that everything that I have worked so hard for would be in vain.  Part of the frustration comes from feeling that I have no one to talk to and that no one understands. This has forced me to renew my faith and draw closer to God. At the end of the day I know that every situation that I face and every feeling that I feel is bringing me one step closer to my glory.

Hello World!!!

As some of you may know I deleted my previous blog. I decided to place the contents of that blog in my book that is still in the works. I thought that I could avoid blogging but I can’t. Writing is my freedom and my self expression. I try to maximize all of my talents to the best of my ability. It is hard being mulit-talented at times. 😉 Anyway, sit back and enjoy what is to come.